White women and asian american women resentment prejudice dating

21-Jun-2017 01:49

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At an interdisciplinary conference in 2004 sponsored by the Center for Ideas and Society on my campus, I presented a paper on how internalized racism undergirded many Asian American women’s accounts of romantic preference for White over Asian American men (Pyke 2010).

My research sparked the anger of two visiting Ethnic Studies scholars who argued that the topic of internalized oppression denigrated the Asian American respondents as mere “dupes” and that I ought to consider the “politics of knowledge.” They further suggested I focus my analysis on resistance instead.

Labelling anyone a Nazi, even self-identified ones, absolves us of having to do any thinking. Because they are primarily a group of young white men with deeply wounded pride who feel that nobody is looking out for them.

Who else has felt humiliated and ignored for a long time?

It is the product of a mindset that has never mentally left the childhood home, where overbearing immigrant parents enforced an oppressive Asianness that made it hard to fit in with mainstream society.

Thus, the moral Polaris of this ideology is not justice or equality, but rather, assimilation. Naturally, narratives like are handpicked and promoted in a symbiotic exchange between the cultural gatekeepers who seek such storylines and the Assimilationists who can offer them.

Such narratives are comforting immigrant fables that establish the definitive Asian American experience as that of Asians (preferably Asian women) escaping from the cruel, backwards East and assimilating into Americanness, solidified by romantic partnership with white people (preferably white men).

It presents little threat to the existing social order and soothes America’s racial conscience.

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Online discussion — the truthful heart of Asian American dialogue — also attempts to undermine the legitimacy of Asian male discontent.Asian American men.) that worships Ivy League respectability.

Let's assume for the sake of argument that your intimate friendship is one of those rare jewels that is devoid of the potential for hurt or confusion. In the past, when both sexual immorality and intimate male-female friendships were much less accepted and less common in society, men and women moved more deliberately toward marriage earlier in life.… continue reading »

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