Weblogic.jms.common.jmsexception error producing message for destination

27-Sep-2017 08:17

Hi, I am working on a scenario File(Sender) JMS (Receiver).

The input is a text file The file sender polls this input file and the file sender CC does the content conversion and puts the XML message into the JMS Queue.

Each JMS server is deployed on exactly one Web Logic Server instance and handles requests for a set of destinations. During the configuration phase, the system administrator defines load balancing by specifying targets for JMS servers.

An administrator can establish cluster-wide, transparent access to destinations from any server in the cluster by either using the default connection factories for each server instance in the cluster, or by configuring one or more connection factories and targeting them to one or more server instances in the cluster, or to the entire cluster.

If a JMS application has a connection to a given server instance, JMS attempts to establish new JMS connections to the same server instance.

When configured for the cluster, load balancing algorithms (round-robin-affinity, weight-based-affinity, or random-affinity), provide server affinity for JMS client connections.------------------------- The same problem occurs with fixed queues, like "Testing Jms Module!Reply Queue", but I can make them work by adding a "./" in front of the destination name when performing the This way, each connection factory can be deployed on multiple Web Logic Server instances.

Connection factories are described in more detail in Connection Factory Resources.

Hi, Has anyone managed to produce a message to a temporary JMS destination using the JMS Adapter?

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