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This leads her to a closed-up, condemned house where she calls for backup by Sac PD.

Before it arrives, she hears a noise in the house and goes inside.

Back at the station, Jane gets a call, presumably from Lisbon, but "Red John's voice" tells Jane that Lisbon "Can't come to the phone." The caller is shown wiping blood from a linoleum knife, Red John's preferred implement for cutting and killing.

The last scene is a shot of Lisbon lying down, status unknown, as a Red John smiley is drawn with blood upon Lisbon's pale face.

The case is solved with Jane's usual prowess, as he quickly deduces that the three employees of the diner had killed the man for money.

Following an anonymous tip about a state officer in danger, Lisbon realizes that the address provided in the tip is the same address where Van Pelt's tracking program shows Brett Partridge is.

This is the first time Lisbon is scared because she sees a lost Jane: he doesn’t know what to do next.

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As the scene fades, Lisbon is seen jerked backwards by an off-screen assailant.This incident leads Gale Bertram to push Jane and Lisbon to leave the city, taking on a case in Salton Sea State Recreation Area where a body has been found buried in the desert.