Sedating dogs airline travel

30-Dec-2017 01:10

The location of in-cabin pets must be known to the airline so they can seat allergy sufferers in another part of the cabin.Make an appointment with your veterinarian to get a health certificate for your dog (officially called a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection), saying that your dog is fit to travel and is up to date on her vaccinations.There is a risk, however, that an airline agent will object to your non-complying carrier.A carrier must be made of water-repellant material (in case of accidents), it must have padding under your pet, and it must have at least two large ventilation panels.You may, therefore, be able to use a slightly larger carrier than is officially allowed, as long as it will compress to fit in a plane’s under-seat space.Once you are airborne and you pull your dog’s carrier out into your legroom area, a larger carrier will give your pet a bit more room to move around.The most popular pet carrier is a medium-sized Sherpa bag, but I prefer a large-sized Sturdi Products bag or the Sleepypod Air carrier.Some carriers are structured to allow them to flex in height and length.

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Also ask your veterinarian to print out your dog’s shot record.

Travelers with dogs small enough to fit under an airplane seat don’t have to wave good-bye as their pet’s crate is rolled away, or worry about conditions in the plane’s cargo area on the tarmac or during flight.

When we were deciding to add a dog to our life, we deliberately chose a breed small enough to fly at our feet. airlines, and many international airlines, allow passengers to travel with an in-cabin dog.

I also look for a carrier that allows me to see down into it when it is at my feet, and that has a zipper that allows me to reach into the carrier and hand Chloe treats and ice cubes.

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If your dog only sees her carrier when she’s being taken to the vet, she’s not likely to regard it as a cozy den.Not every state requires a health certificate, nor does every airline, but enough do that it is safest to get one.