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11-Dec-2017 10:35

OAuth is not Single Sign-On, but it’s often confused with SSO because many login providers (such as Google and Facebook) use a flavor of OAuth to handle external login. as representing the identity of a user who is logged into your application.At the most basic level, OAuth means generating access and refresh tokens when users log into your application. The access token is sent to the server with every request.In my case, it is ' The response correctly contains the string 'Hello World.' Another kind of authentication is Soap Header authentication. It could be implemented in different ways, but the essence of all implementations is the same.The client app should provide a username and password to get a token which will be used to access private data. Copy and paste HTTP Authorization Manager to the current Thread Group from first Thread Group. To pass this kind of authorization we need to send a username and password in the header of a SOAP request to the Authentication method.On the server, the token is examined and verified to ensure the request is valid and authorized.After a period of time, the token expires and is no longer valid.

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Of course, we need a listener to see the results of our tests. To pass basic authentication, we need to know the correct username and password.In addition to Soap Header authentication, this method is also protected with basic authentication. The method 'Hello User' returns the string 'Hello $' if the header of a request contains an active token.In addition to Soap Header authentication, this method is also protected with basic authentication.We already have an awesome blog post on how to work with Secured Web Services. In this blog post, we will concentrate on load testing WSDL web services' authentication methods with Apache JMeter™.

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The most popular approaches for user authentication are HTTP basic authentication and Soap Header authentication, and we will test them both.Let's say I have a WSDL web service that has these two levels of authentication: HTTP basic authentication and Soap Header authentication.

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