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01-Jul-2017 21:48

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Gay is an on-line advisory service for gay men and all other men who have sex with men. Gay answers questions about (safer) sex, homosexuality, coming out, gay identity, love, relationships, HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted infections as well as physical and mental health. Radiation Exposure from Diagnostic Imaging in Trauma Patients Presenting to Emergency Department Osteoporosis: the forgotten diagnosis?The interface for the THATS-C should be an Aboriginal owned and operated facility that has been a part of its community for at least ten years.The longevity of this facility would be an indicator that it was stable and would last for the duration of a trial.The disease is simple in its transmission, and may be silent in manifestation, but can lead serious consequences such as infertility in women.

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Successful prevention required screening for STIs, access to prevention tools (condoms), early detection strategies (client recall; reminder systems), contact tracing, education programs, and reduction in structural and bureaucratic barriers to health care (8).Two STIs for which prevention may be working effectively include hepatitis B, with vaccination in effect(3) and donovanosis for which the number of cases in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities dropped from 16 cases in 2003 to three in 2007; this may be attributable to a successful National Donovanosis Eradication Project (1, 2).Chlamydia stands out as an easily treatable, but otherwise serious infection, for which a control strategy is presented: THATS-C.The strategy looks to use a communal centre such as an Aboriginal arts centre, to increase the rates of rational screening for, and consequent treatment of chlamydia.

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If effective, this could be applied to other small communities that have community centres with the hope that it could then be widely used in the Northern Territory (NT) to prevent the continued spread of chlamydia.

Recent additions have included the NT Guidelines for the Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections in the Primary Health Care Setting (9), which provide guidelines that GPs can follow when taking a history, examining patients, and ordering investigations in order to maximise detection and appropriate treatment for STIs (9). No Regrets” educational campaign began running in August 2008 (10).