Rules about dating while separated

05-Sep-2017 10:05

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Deciding to date while separated can have a significant impact on negotiations, mediation, and settlement.When spouses separate, they begin the mental process of shifting out of the marriage.

Alimony, child custody, parenting time, division of property, none of these issues have been finally resolved.A forensic child custody evaluator appointed by the court will inquire into any extra-marital relationships and report back to the court.The evaluator typically provides recommendations to the judge regarding placement of the child with one parent or the other.Second, dating while separated can have lasting repercussions, affecting the former spouses’ relationship long after the divorce decree is entered.

Strained relations between former spouses are particularly problematic when they have young children to co-parent under a permanent parenting plan.Living with someone else during the period of separation means the judge could consider the paramour’s income along with the spouse’s when calculating Tennessee child support.