Embarrassed to try online dating

09-Oct-2017 07:56

There are a number of reasons that might be causing your genitals to smell.Although it may be necessary to see the doctor, you may first want to try the following to see if it clears things up.Ask whoever supplies your contraceptives (family planning clinic/doctor) if you are experiencing problematic side effects and perhaps discuss other contraception choices.Alternatively if you have a coil there may be a chance of an infection from that, which is leading to smell, discharge or other symptoms (see above) - in which case you should seek immediate medical advice.As you aren’t certain if you do smell, it’s useful to do some personal detective work. Although it isn’t always the case, genitals that are very smelly may often be accompanied by a discharge.As with genital smells, genital discharge is also normal and this guide from Scarleteen explains what this looks like.

Or rather if they do, it should only be of soap or perfume.

They all have a natural scent and may also sometimes smell of pee, poo or sweat.

Or blood if you’ve got your period, or have recently given birth (or experienced pregnancy loss), or had genital surgery.

That means if you can smell your body you may be embarrassed, or assume you are dirty, or there’s something wrong with you.

This is reinforced through jokes or shaming – suggesting women whose genitals smell must be promiscuous, diseased or unclean.However, you should be concerned if you notice a smell that is fishy, yeasty or cheesy AND…