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I was very involved in the development process." Game designer Rick Swan described the Dark Sun setting: "Using the desert as a metaphor for struggle and despair, this presents a truly alien setting, bizarre even by AD&D game standards.From dragons to spell-casting, from character classes to gold pieces, this ties familiar AD&D conventions into knots, resulting in one of the most fascinating and original game worlds that TSR has ever produced." The final release was Psionic Artifacts of Athas (1996) though two books, Dregoth Ascending and Secrets of the Dead Lands were rumored to have been near completion to the point that early versions were reportedly given to some GMs at the 1997 Gen Con Game Fair (1997) before the plug was pulled on the setting.However, poor sales for Battlesystem soon stopped any further inclusion in Dark Sun products.The original Dark Sun Boxed Set released in 1991 presented the base setting details wherein the Tyr Region is on the verge of revolution against the sorcerer-kings.

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TSR released the second edition of Battlesystem in 1989 and, in 1990, began pre-production on a new campaign setting that would use this edition in gameplay.

Tolkienesque fantasy world, Dark Sun's designers presented a savage, magic-ravaged desert world where resources are scarce and survival is a daily struggle.

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