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Families that kill for honor will threaten girls and women if they refuse to cover their hair, their faces, or their bodies or act as their family's domestic servant; wear makeup or Western clothing; choose friends from another religion; date; seek to obtain an advanced education; refuse an arranged marriage; seek a divorce from a violent husband; marry against their parents' wishes; or behave in ways that are considered too independent, which might mean anything from driving a car to spending time or living away from home or family.Fundamentalists of many religions may expect their women to meet some but not all of these expectations.So far, no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.However, he is still suspended indefinitely by Global Force Wrestling.They were white, African-American, Hispanic, and Asian ...Islam is not responsible for [the Muslim woman's] death."I don't want the public to think that this is an Islamic issue or an immigrant issue.

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Muslims, however, do kill for honor, as do, to a lesser extent, Hindus and Sikhs.When a husband murders a wife or daughter in the United States and Canada, too often law enforcement chalks the matter up to domestic violence. Honor killings are, however, distinct from wife battering and child abuse.