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"), for the "height-blessed"; Date My, if your dog is the center of your life; and Ashley ("When monogamy becomes monotony! And now, thanks to Greg Prosl, a backcountry snowboarder and competitive mountain biker from Seattle, there's also Single And—a hookup hub for adventurers and athletes.Prosl, 41, says he launched the business in the fall of 2004 after suffering one too many online encounters with women who shared none of his outdoor passions. You don't need to take complicated personality tests or bare your soul about why your last boyfriend/girlfriend didn't like your cat, why you don't want to have long talks after shagging, and what celebrity you most resemble.

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I decided I was through playing barstool roulette and hanging out at my local Barnes & Noble.

I write back and list fishing, mountain biking, riding on a roller coaster, and—as a joke—flying on a trapeze.

It's a reference to Trapeze School New York, a place where people with Barnum & Bailey envy can work on their aerial skills (or their approach-avoidance issues).

" I e-mail him."Doesn't that look like a moist (or very wet) and inviting pair of lips to you? "If you look long enough, you may just start to develop affection for the cute little fishy! Delete.)I can't help but notice that several Single And Active bachelors post snapshots that Freud would have found intriguing.

One dude shows himself in camouflage with a rifle and a fevered look; another offers a photo of a prairie dog wearing a wig.

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