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Beauty in men and women opened opportunities to its possessors not available to the ordinary looking or ugly.

While in the past women have had to use the lure of sex to achieve power or wealth, epitomised by royal mistresses or the Grandes Horizontales of the nineteenth century, modern film stars (male and female) can acquire great wealth simply by the use of their images, while attractiveness on television is an essential modern qualification for power, as shown by Ronald Reagan and Tony Blair.

Love and care for whole Ummah - serve humanity without any discrimination of color, creed, race or nationality.

Worshipping our Creator, acquiring knowledge to become an ideal believer, serving humanity, reaching out to mankind to explain the purpose of life should be our mission.

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Make all your worries, doubts and concerns in the form of Dua to Allah - for example: Yah Allah, I was astray from straight path for so long, but you have hid my faults and gave me hidayat.My dear sister there is no limit on Allah's Mercy . Make a firm intention to never turn back on your previous sins. A lot of people say that they are unable to cry, in that case, make the face of a crying person.Method of making Taubah: ------------------------------ One should make sincere Taubah to Allah for one's sins. After the Taubah, if one happens to commit the same sin again, she should do Taubah again.Description: If Cleopatra's nose had been half an inch longer, neither Caesar nor Mark Antony would have fallen in love with her.

It: A History of Human Beauty treats outstanding physical attractiveness as a qu...

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