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14-Aug-2017 22:52

To Gao Hanning, a researcher of animation, comics, and gaming subcultures at Peking University, “Socializing is the most important function of .” In an interview with Sixth Tone, she compared the experience to watching a sporting event in a bar with strangers.

The messages are fleeting — most fly across the screen once and then disappear — and show up anonymously, which is another characteristic that explains their popularity.

has also gained the attention of Chinese investors.

In January of this year, Ac Fun raised million from Soft Bank China Capital following a previous round of million last August from the Heyi Group and other companies.

The function was first brought to China in 2008 by Ac Fun and has since won over millions of fans.

Many other video-streaming websites have followed suit in recent years.

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The video is part of a recruitment drive to bring in more young blood to the army.In a 2015 report, Beijing-based Internet consultancy group i Research estimated the ACG community to have 219 million members in 2015.