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20-Sep-2017 13:11

They appear to be part of a general push by the government to appease a disgruntled public.

Egypt is in the grips of grueling financial crisis: The value of the Egyptian pound has halved since a currency float last November, inflation has soared past 30 percent, and unwieldy subsidies have been slashed.

Officials clamping down on what it considers to be breaches of morality have in some cases resulted in the arrest and torture of those suspected of engaging in homosexual activity, who face allegations of immorality or blasphemy.

According to a report on , the country’s police have resorted to social media and GPS-enabled applications to locate gay and lesbian civilians.

The police use fake photos of foreigners like Saudis, and some even use photos belonging to detainees, whose phones they have confiscated,” said a thirtysomething man, a friend of the jailed man mentioned above, who was jailed himself in 2015 for being gay.

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and gay citizens “have been convicted for breaching laws on public decency,” advice from Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office states.

No one dared intervene as they silently dragged the young man into the back of a police car.

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A “habitual debauchery” case had already been prepared against him at the police station.

Being gay in Egypt is not in fact illegal, but the state uses catchall terms like “debauchery” and “sexual deviance” to lock up those accused of being homosexual.