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Under such circumstances it is not strange that Absalom, idolized by those around him, whilst his natural sense of gratitude and filial duty became gradually dulled, was led to cultivate that species of egotism which grows cruel in proportion as it counts upon the blind affection of its friends.There were other causes which alienated Absalom from his father.That is, until this week, where we got to see her back against the wall with Semiramis unleashing an effective strategy against the berserkish Mordred.Toss in the fact that Mordred and Shishigou teamed up together to take down the Queen of Babylon and you had one of the best fights of the show.The sacred writer states that Absalom never spoke to Amnon, neither good words nor evil, but he hated him with a hatred unto death.For two years Absalom thus carried his resentment in silence, when at length he found occasion to act openly.And as if an epic battle wasn’t enough, we were treated to a sweet scene between Shishigou and Mordred during their last moments together.As fan favorites, it was awfully bittersweet watching the two share a smoke together as they revealed they realized just what it is that they wanted.

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He takes Thamar into his house and quietly but determinedly lays his plan.

Starting with the most obvious — boy was that a pretty fight.