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Police already routinely record demonstrations: now they'll be able to apply offline analytics to work out who was there and track protestors' activities in the long term ...and coordinate with public CCTV and face recognition networks to arrest them long afterwards, if they're so inclined.He was also writing in the age of mass-mobilization of labour and intercontinental warfare.Limned in the backdrop to is a world where atom bombs have been used in warfare and are no longer used by the great powers, by tacit agreement.Instead, we see soldiers and machine-guns and refugees and the presentation of inevitable border wars and genocides between the three giant power blocs. What we have today is a vision of disrupted by a torrent of data storage.

This specific moment or factor is referred to as the 'tipping point'.

We're living in a period where everything we do in public can be observed, recorded, and will in future provide the grist for deductive mills deployed by the authorities.

(Hideous tools of data-driven repression are emerging almost daily without much notice, whether through malice or because they have socially useful applications and the developers are blind to the potential for abuse.) Foreign state-level actors and non-state groupings (such as the new fascist international and its hive of internet-connected insurgents) are now able to use data mining techniques to target individuals with opinions likely to appeal to their prejudices and inflame them into activism. Transparency that runs up as well as down the personal-institutional scale.

And this has created a battlefield where indirect stealth attacks on elections have become routine to the point where savvy campaigns pre-emptively place bait for hackers. The United Nations Development Program recently released a report, Journey to extremism in Africa: drivers, incentives and the tipping point for recruitment that pointed out the deficiencies in the Emperor's wardrobe with respect to security services.

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Religion and ideology are post-hoc excuses for recruitment into extremist groups: the truth is somewhat different.

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